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If you haven't noticed yet, life is not a linear process with milestones that everyone

accomplishes neatly and on time. Acceptance of what is real and true frees us from our own constricted ideas, our clinging, our denying, and opens doors to a more joyful and fulfilling existence.

Life rarely goes according to plan. And who's plan is it anyway? Are your plans and dreams really yours or are they some deep cultural conditioning ie. wanting a baby or climbing the corporate ladder or going to college?

Do you strive for flawless achievements and pristine outcomes, secretly knowing that perfection is a moving target but unable to let go? When we learn to laugh at our own foibles and mistakes, we release the burden of self-judgment. Acceptance allows us to see the humor in our imperfections, providing a refreshing break from the pressure of appearing flawless.

Attempting to control every aspect of life is an exhausting endeavor. Embrace the art of surrender and allow the river of life to take its course, navigating with the flow instead of fighting against the current. In the grand scheme of things, releasing control can free us from unnecessary stress and grant us space to breathe and enjoy the journey.

Change is inevitable, whether we like it or not. By resisting change, we often find ourselves stuck in a never-ending struggle. Remember, we are a “work in progress” growing and evolving until our last breath.

Acceptance extends beyond ourselves; it encompasses embracing the diversity of the world around us. Each person is unique, with their own idiosyncrasies and perspectives. Instead of judging or trying to change others to fit our expectations, celebrate their individuality. Embrace the beauty of diverse opinions, cultures and personalities so that your own worldview widens and deepens.

If you can, soften your grip on idealistic expectations and "shoulds" that have been installed in you through years exposure to media and marketing.

What are you resisting that would benefit from acceptance? What are you clinging to that would give you more freedom by loosening your grip?

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